Éminence Grise Female Lead Is Trying To Make Me Her Stepmom 4.77

Éminence Grise Female Lead Is Trying To Make Me Her Stepmom

Chapter 21

1,811,023 Sep 30,2021 - 23:47 PM 목감기, 하리힌

I have transported as civilian 1 into the “tragic novel” I wrote with my friends for fun. Since he declares revolution in order to change his daughter's unhappy future. If I leave it like this then many lives are in danger. “I will protect the female lead!” That's how I started to live with the daughter stupid duke. But the small female lead is a bit strange for some reason.
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The Glamorous Doctor Divorces Her Husband 3.66

The Glamorous Doctor Divorces Her Husband

Chapter 161

4,862,874 Sep 30,2021 - 23:11 PM Kaiyuan Comic

I am a modern-day physician, that transmigrated, and became a concubine.Abandoned by my lord, other concubines are constantly trying to find fault in me.Originally I did not have much interest in trashy men, and lived fairly peacefully.But sisters, heed my warning and be kind.After all, I used to work with a knife, and I've drawn blood, unlike you, who can't even take a small scare.
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The Ultimate Love Bazaar 4.8

The Ultimate Love Bazaar

Chapter 56

605,760 Sep 30,2021 - 22:21 PM Liyu Wan Yi

The police is going mad!- Crazy things are happening throughout the city—a Saiyan is suddenly holding his girlfriend hostage, missing wife turned into a happy woman and the reason for all this is… the "Ultimate Love Bazaar" that claims they can solve any love-related problems?!!- And the one selling all these love problem-solving items is a very crafty witch that can go through different dimensions?!- A cold-faced and serious policeman was just doing his job and…This charming love hotpot is boiling; would you like to have a taste, dear customer?
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Onna Tomodachi To Kekkon Shitemita 4.3

Onna Tomodachi To Kekkon Shitemita

Chapter 10: Today's A Lazy Sort Of Day, Where I Don't Want To Do Anything

367,506 Sep 30,2021 - 21:08 PM Shio Usui

Two women who are just friends make a pact... "If both of us are still single in 5 years, let's get married." Five years later, they meet again, and their married life begins.
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The Ride-On King 4.82

The Ride-On King

Chapter 37: The President And The Unsullied Beast

6,241,231 Sep 30,2021 - 18:39 PM Baba Yasushi

Alexander Purchinov is president for life of the country of Pursia, a country ruled by violence and the influence of its government. Alexander always desires to be dominant, and "ride" things, whether literally or figuratively. Now that he has already ridden his country, his next target is a fantasy world that has orcs, wyverns, and centaurs.
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Season Of Roll 4.15

Season Of Roll

Chapter 41

37,350 Sep 30,2021 - 18:16 PM Flip Anime

The dream is to be an Anjuan of a cartoonist, and this year I got my wish to apply for the studio of the cartoonist teacher I admire most. But no one expected that the teacher was actually a black fan who had just forged a beam with him two days ago? In front of the dream, Yuanjia has a narrow road. What kind of sparks will the lively and honest assistant and the cold cartoonist meet?
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Furare Girl 4.83

Furare Girl

Chapter 31

1,615,944 Sep 30,2021 - 16:36 PM Tsutsumi Kakeru

The drop-dead-gorgeous and high-sex-appeal Akasaka Hibiki is going through breakup blues. Soon after being dumped, she's asked to become her schoolmate Aoyama-kun's mistress?! Aoyama-kun will try to gain Hibiki's affections through different means, so let's just hope he doesn't nosebleed to death in the process.
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Ane Naru Mono 4.81

Ane Naru Mono

Chapter 42

19,491,717 Sep 30,2021 - 16:35 PM Iida Pochi.

From Kirei Cake: Adapted from the doujinshi series of the same name, The Demon Who Became My Sister is a heart-warming story of how a neglected orphan, Yuu, has been blessed with the offering of a free wish by a demon, and he simply asks her to become his older sister.
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99 Ways To Become Heroes By Beauty Masters 4.66

99 Ways To Become Heroes By Beauty Masters

Chapter 41

1,821,045 Sep 30,2021 - 16:26 PM Iciyuan

I, Lu Chen, am the only son of the King Lu. I thought I could live a life of nourishment at night since I was born. Unfortunately, my talent was too high, which was hard to find in the past. Five beautiful masters fell from the sky to force me to practice, each with extraordinary strength, the master of a domain, the master of a holy land, the empress of a thousand ages, the supreme empress of the world of pills, the emperor of alchemy, plus a sticky little sister…The road to holy cultivation is too much for a man to bear!
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Matchmaking Baby Princess 4.8

Matchmaking Baby Princess

Chapter 27

2,339,222 Sep 30,2021 - 16:23 PM Big Karin, Jimmy Shin, Park Karin

I woke up as the orphaned princess Eryl in a novel! My lovely aunt Lucinda, who suffers from raising me alone, is as kind as an angel. Though it doesn't appear so in the eyes of my uncle, tyrant Emperor Tessa Illuminas. “Aunt, only trust in me! I'll make you walk on a flower path!” Eryl enters the imperial palace only for her aunt. But this uncle doesn't seem like the tyrant in the novel at all? Rather, it just seems like there's a lack of affection? “I can't help it! Eryl will make everyone happy!” Nowadays, children play matchmaking as a hobby, right? I'll try it out.
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Choose Your Real Daddy Tyrant 4.71

Choose Your Real Daddy Tyrant

Chapter 32.5

2,320,572 Sep 30,2021 - 16:19 PM Night Witch, 밤마녀

Dr. Jaehee Cheon, who lost her parents at early age and can’t remember their face, who has lived without a single friend, let alone a lover, reincarnated as the unlucky princess in a novel that dies at the age of twelve!If we can’t find the princess’ biological father, she will die. But apparently there are four candidates??? And the bigger problem is that they are too deadly….Will Chun Jae-hee be able to find her real father safely and have a happy ending?Choose Your Real Father From the Following Tyrants
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You Are My Only Love 4.6

You Are My Only Love

Chapter 13

751,238 Sep 30,2021 - 15:57 PM 岑利/晋江文学城

To the people who know Sheng Yu, he is very lazy and unpassionate. There’s not a time when he’s serious about anything he does. He slacks off during his photoshoot, gets bored during his interview, and is even more indifferent when it comes to filming his movie. Everyone thought that he was probably out of his mind. But then, everyone noticed he wasn’t half-assed and was actually serious for once. It was when he was kissing Li Qing Wan that night.
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We Shan’T Part Tonight 3.72

We Shan’T Part Tonight

Chapter 16

49,765 Sep 30,2021 - 15:13 PM Zhi Zi

In search of his beloved , The master plays the host to all manner of guests , assisted by his devoted servant. What secrets lie behind the seemingly unremarkable everyday life ? While the guests their wishes granted , will the master and his faithful companion see their wishes come true ??
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Let's Have A Baby Dragon 4.1

Let's Have A Baby Dragon

Chapter 183

1,313,279 Sep 30,2021 - 13:51 PM Ni Sansui

Let's Have a Baby Dragon summary is updating. Come visit sometime to read the latest chapter of Let's Have a Baby Dragon. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it.
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Namaikizakari 4.75


Chapter 126

24,265,515 Sep 30,2021 - 13:06 PM Miyuki Mitsubachi

From Mystic Iris: Upon first sight Machida Yuki knows that she doesn’t want anything to do with Naruse Shou, but how can she keep her cool when he is a part of the basketball club she manages?
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We Are The Main Characters Of The Demon World! 3.28

We Are The Main Characters Of The Demon World!

Vol.3 Chapter 21: Darkour Trial

71,654 Sep 30,2021 - 11:12 AM Atsushi Tsudanuma

Shaoron Teufel is an ambitious demon who has enrolled in the demon school known as Babyls, aiming to become popular and join the Student Council. However, a number of trials await him as soon as he arrives! Being recruited by a shady division, summoning a familiar, participating in a flying test... Will Shaoron be able to stand out even more than the special student, Iruma-kun?A collaboration between Mairimashita! Iruma-kun and a popular Japanese YouTube channel, We are the Main Characters of ◯◯!Author's Twitter Artist's TwitterWe are the Main Characters of ◯◯! channel
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